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Born in Queens NY, Lovari's debut single arrived in the mid 2000s with "These Tears". His followup "All I Want Is You", reached # 1 on Hot 96FM in Portland.

In 2009, he released the marriage equality single "Free To Love", followed by his first full length album "The Statement" , featuring the Top 20 U.S. Dance singles "Move Your Body" and "Turn Around". In January 2012, his single "Foolish Beat" reached the Top 40 of the U.S. Independent R&B/Hip Hop Charts. His second album "No Holding Back" is due for release in Junel 2012.

Lovari is also a SAG actor, appearing in "Salt" and "The New York Strangler". Lovari directed and wrote the screenplay for "Shore Thing", which recieved the 2010 NY International Film Fest Award for Best Suspense Short. He is the executive producer of "Saving Julian", due for release in 2012. He appears weekly on the current season of Law & Order: SVU.

Media has increasingly shown an interest in Lovari. In January 2008, Out In Jersey magazine featured a full page article and photo shoot. Other magazines.newspapers with full page articles/interviews/mentions include:
Perez Hilton, Next, HX, The Tribune, Queens Courier, PM Magazine, and DishMiss.Com





VEVO premiere of “I Wanna Be Loved” March 25, 2014

VEVO, the leading all-premium music video and entertainment service in the U.S., premiered Lovari's new music video "I Wanna Be Loved" during Valentine's Day, including it on their What's Hot list. The song theme fit nicely with the holiday! Check it out at:



New Single Release: I Wanna Be Loved March 10, 2014

A brand new single has arrived! - The remixes of "I Wanna Be Loved" with brand new re-recorded vocals. The original version, produced by Kaydean Phillips, was chosen by The Music Spectrum as "the best track on Lovari's album". This re-recorded version includes a lower vocal that we rarely hear from Lovari, as his falsettos [...]


@FlipsAudio Tweet

Flips Audio shouts out Lovari’s new single. February 25, 2014

Flips Audio took the time to send a message out to their followers on Twitter supporting Lovari’s new single.




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